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Tripotamo, which means 'three rivers', is situated on the right bank of the rerouted Alpheios river, near its confluence with two smaller tributaries: Karnionas and Gatheatis. It is five kilometres southwest of Megalopolis and was once served by a railway station near to the old road to Kalamata.
     On first impressions you might be forgiven for thinking you have walked into an abandoned spaghetti western film set. Tripotamo, in part, is a one horse town but behind the derelict buildings (which look like they were destroyed by fire) life goes on in a village awash with history and character.

Abandoned film setStep into an abandoned film set
Derilect barDo not count on a cold beer!
Closed houseSeek out houses with windows
House entranceLook out for signs of life
Mayor's officeDiscover the mayor's office but do not expect it to be open
Derelict building Tripotamo

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