VILLAGESChurch of the Panagia
South of Stasimo is Syrizo, which seems more outward looking because it has embraced the arrival of a 3G fibre optic cable and has a "village" facebook page. This indicates that it is keen to attract visitors and has built a family-friendly guest house complete with a playground. Its design is reminiscent of the village's community office. This houses historic documents and, flanked by a plane tree, is the ideal venue for meetings of the Resident's Association.
     Village landmarks are also well maintained with strategic trees and flowers complementing the white stonework defining terraces and walkways.

Centre of the villageExplore the centre of the village
Community officeInspect the community office
Guest roomsLocate the guest rooms
FountainTake a walk to the fountain
Syrizo Garden steps

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