VILLAGESStomio bridge
When approaching Ancient Phigaleia from the west you will see a sign just before Perivolia to the dead end village of Stomio. Perched on the northern flank of the Neda gorge above the famous waterfalls, it is typical of villages where life is ruled not by the calendar or clock but by the climate and seasons.
     Although the taverna (like the school before it) is now closed, a largely elderly population continue to sustain themselves as they have for centuries. In the process, they are keeping alive fast-disappearing skills such as scalding a chicken before plucking it by hand.

ChurchPark by the church
Old schoolMourn for the old school,
LocalMeet the locals
Decrepit housethe decrepit houses
Closed taverna... and the closed taverna
Local... and the chickens
Scalding and plucking a chicken Stomio

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