VILLAGESByzantine Church of Taxiarches / Archangels Castle
Polichni sits on the plain of Stenyclarus under the shadow of Mount Ithome. As well as three churches, it has a few tourist attractions: the Archangels Castle and the adjacent Byzantine Church of Taxiarches plus a lake built around the ancient spring of Devari. Nearby was the Karnesian Grove, a place sacred to the Great goddesses where the Andanian mysteries were celebrated. A stone inscribed with the rules of the mysteries was removed to Konstantini's church.
     Once the Devari lake was used for boating but the café blew up and visitors stopped coming. It is the perfect spot for a picnic or just to sit and stare.

ChurchSeek out village churches
Sign to a Byzantine churchFollow signs to the Byzantine church
Stone seats overlooking a lakePicnic under the trees on stone seats overlooking the lake
Burnt-out caféPine for the burnt-out café
Retired boating facilitiesExamine the retired boating facilities
Polichni View towards Mount Ithome

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