VILLAGESChurch of Saint George
You will pass through Perivolia if you travel to The Ark from Tholo on the west coast or Andristaina to the north. But there is more to the village than the usual trio of features (a church, a caféneon and a fountain) marking its main junction.
     In the lower village centuries old paths link the modern-day gardens of restored houses. In ancient times these paths led, or so it is said, to "the garden" of nearby Ancient Phigaleia. Perhaps, because it was less exposed to the midday sun, it was a good place for the crops that fed the ancient city to flourish.
     Perivolia also has archaeology - closeby are the remains of a thermal bath.

FountainsCollect water from one of the fountains
Plane treeSpot the church by the plane tree
CaféneonHave a coffee in the caféneon
Lower villageWalk to the lower village
Old bridgeExplore old paths
New entranceAdmire new entrances
Lower village Perivolia

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