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You might think that a cold drink in the taverna at Neda is an option after an excursion to the Neda waterfalls. Indeed, it would be welcome, but the waterfalls are reached from Ancient Phigaleia at the western end of the gorge. The village of Neda is much further east, closer to the source of the Neda river on the southern slope of Mount Lykaion. Nonetheless, the taverna is worth a visit, especially if you want to buy some of the best "tsipouro" ('raki') in the area.
     The village also boasts an ancient fountain and many traditional stone buildings - some in need of repair, others lovingly restored.

Traditional houseLook back in time
Ancient fountainMuse over the "ancient" fountain
Tsipouro signStop off for "tsipouro" (firewater')
Renovated houseThink 'Grand Designs'
NedaTaverna balcony

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