VILLAGESChurch of Saint Dimitris
A patriotic welcome awaits you in Mavria on the old road north towards Karataina. Greece is a proud country and no self-respecting town or village is complete without a monument honouring local war heros. Villagers also look up to football heros and its young aspire to be stars, although Mavria's football pitch does not look like it has hosted a match for some time!
     Overlooking the lake of Megalopolis, the village relies on agriculture for its survival and villagers still use donkeys for some tasks. They are versatile and hardy and, unlike 4x4s, are treasured for their intelligence and gentleness.

Football pitchRun around the football pitch
DonkeyBefriend a donkey
House entranceAdmire pebble dash walls
Vine covered pergolaCovert vine covered pergolas
Lake of MegalopolisEnjoy the view of the lake of Megalopolis
View from the south Mavria

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