Lykosura shares its name with an ancient city said by Pausanius, a Roman traveller, to be the oldest city in the world. Its remains are largely un-excavated, although a Sanctuary of Despoina has been uncovered near the city walls.
     If you approach this important archaeological site (with its small museum housing some of the finds) from Mount Lykaion, you will pass through the modern day village. It has little to attract tourists except for the Church of the Virgin; terraced buildings with colonnades that once offered shade to busy store rooms and some quaint village houses in various states of repair.

Church and bell towerAdmire the church and bell tower
Old houseInvestigate the old houses
Closed shopsMourn for the closed shops
MuseumAsk for directions to the museum
Bridge over the river Plantinous Lykosura

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