VILLAGESChurch of the Panagia
If you travel east from the village of Neda you will reach Lykaio. Do not be put off by the road. Only a short section just beyond Neda has not been made up; the remainder of the road is wide and newly tarmacked offering spectacular views.
     In Lykaio you will find remnants of another era when there was a demand for a school, a playground and more than one church. Greek families are allowed to build their own chapels. They must take care of their maintenance but they are ordinated by the priests and, although they might look dilapidated, most are still in use (if only once a year on the chapel's saint's day).

Old schoolRun around the old school playground
SwingsCool off on the swings
CaféOrder a cold drink
Pigeon coopSpot the pigeon coop
Chapel exteriorVisit a tiny chapel
Chapel interiorTake a look inside the chapel
View from the west Lykaio

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