VILLAGESChurch of Saint George
The route from Tholo to Ancient Phigaleia passes through Lepreo, named after an ancient city to the north. This was the de facto capital of Triphylia, a region of the Peloponnese in antiquity. Its founder, Lepreos challenged Heracles to a series of trials ending in a duel, during which Lepreos lost his life.
     Although the village is no longer a powerful place, it does have attractions including the prehistoric acropolis that offers impressive views of the Kyparissian Gulf; a stylish taverna next to a pretty stone bridge in the central square and the ancient remains of a temple dedicated to Demeter.

Fountain oneStop at the war memorial
Central squareHave meze in the central square
Agricultural buildingsWander around the back streets
Church of Saint GeorgeVisit the Church of Saint George
Archaeological site map... and the archaeological site
View west from the acropolis Lepreo

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