VILLAGESChurch of the Panagia
Not to be confused with the seaside town of Kyparissia, the village of Kyparissia is situated 374 metres above sea level on the west bank of the Alpheios river near the ancient city of Trapezus.
     If you pass through on the old road north towards Karataina, you will see a mini basketball court and a paved area surrounding a war memorial and two fountains. To the west is a hill crowned by the church that serves the owners of the village houses and agricultural buildings. Often crudely constructed from concrete and stone, these inventive structures have their own charm.

Fountain oneStop at the war memorial
Fountain twoDrink from one of the fountains
Agricultural buildingsInspect the agricultural buildings
Basketball courtImagine playing basketball in the midday sun
Approach from the south Kyparissia

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