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When travelling to and from Ancient Phigaleia and the sea, you will pass a road to the north in the hamlet of Trianta just to the east of Nea Figalia. This leads to Krioneri ('cold water'), a small village in an isolated mountain valley. En route you will pass the ruins of an alluring Byzantine Church.
     The talk is that villages like Krioneri are dying as their populations decline: the only real occupation for young men (and young dogs) is shepherding sheep. It is hard, especially in winter, but the village lives in hope and has built a new community hall. Oh, and the caféneon is still open, at least during the summer.

Woman and donkeyFollow the traffic into the village
Meze in the caféneonOrder meze in the caféneon
BackyardNose around people's backyards
Sheep dog puppiesCoo over sheep dog puppies
OvenInspect local cooking facilitiess
Decrepid roofRecommend a roofer!
Krioneri Caféneon

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