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Kefalovrisi (Ripesi) is a picturesque village on the road from Kopanaki to Ancient Phigaleia. First settled around 1420, it has loads of local flavour and a main street so narrow that even a car cannot pass comfortably. Add two-way traffic, parked vehicles, lorries and the odd bulldozer and this otherwise peaceful hamlet can become a bit stressful to travel through.
     Take the strain out of driving by stopping for a drink in one of several caféneons or a meal in Taverna Ripesi on the northern edge of the village beyond the public fountain. Built in 1905, this is known as the Megali Vrysi.

KefalovrisiAppreciate the position of the village
CarMarvel at the skill
Bulldozer... of local drivers
CaféneonDrink with the locals
CaféEat in a traditional taverna
Public fountain Kefalovrisi

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