VILLAGESChurch of the Panagia
Halfway between Diavolitsi and Psari, is the village of Kato Melpeia which sits below a craggy peak topped by a Frankish castle. It is a big climb to the summit but en route there are waterfalls and lakes and a café at the foot of the track.
     The village has a reputation for farming trout and there is a stylish restaurant where you can sample fresh trout al fresco whilst listening to the bubbling spring water that drains into the fish ponds adjacent to the restaurant.
     At the west edge of the village is the main square which is dominated by the Church of the Panagia.

Craggy peakSpot a craggy peak in the distance
RestaurantFind the restaurant
Spring... and the spring
Tables and chairsEat farmed trout al fresco
CaféHave a drink at the foot of the hills
Main squareLocate the main square
WaterfallWalk to the waterfalls
Kato Melpeia
Kato Melpeia Craggy peak
kato melpeia

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