The road from Desillas to Karnasi is wide and lined with olive groves. Standing proud amongst the trees are sculptures, signs of Panayotis Mitropoulos's dream to "create a cemetery for atheists". Fires swept through the area in 2007 but the sculptures were untouched leaving the sculptor wondering why?
     Panayotis lives in Karnasi and it is obvious which is his house. Faced by a lookout tower and battlements, it is bedecked with symbolic elements (a bird, chess pieces etc.) in much the same way as Orthodox churches are adorned with iconography. Ironic considering that Panayotis, presumably, is an atheist.

SculpturesSpot the sculptures on the road from Desillas
Karnasi... and the village on the hillside
ChurchVisit the church
Karnasi Sculptor's house

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