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Isoma Karyon is situated in the eastern foothills of Mount Lykaion, at an altitude of 470 metres above sea level. With Megalopoli only eight kilometres away, the outlook to the northwest includes the town's two power plants.
     Locals say that the large open pit mine on its doorstep provides jobs but it also consumes land traditionally used for farming. However, there are plenty of empty houses in need of renovation, so reversing the trend of depopulation is possible if only young people could be attracted back home to learn from their grandparents how to work the land.

OutlookLook out over the basin of Megalopolis
Empty houseImagine renovating an empty house
Occupied houseFall in love with 'lived in' houses
Village squareVisit the plateia (village square)
Isoma Karyon
Isoma Karyon View of a power plant
isoma karyon

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