VILLAGESChurch of Saint Nicholas
The main road though Isaris is narrow, but unlike in most mountain villages, there is an off-road parking area large enough for buses. This is because Isaris is only a few kilometres from the famous Chapel of Saint Theodora and the village is eager to exploit invasions of passing tourists. It boasts more than the usual solitary taverna and there is even a newly renovated hotel by the church.
     Aside from these hostelries, the village offers quaint streets lined with traditional stone buildings; courtyards full of flowers; a vaulted stone fountain built in 1902 and indescribable views over the Megalopolis basin.

Old schoolWatch out for buses turning into the parking area
Quaint streetWander around the quaint streets
CaféEnjoy a drink in one of the cafés
FountainOr quench your thirst at the fountain
Isaris View from the church

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