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Faskomilia ('sage') is a village smelling sweetly of the sage that grows abundantly in the area. Farming is the main occupation, although the village's proximity to the town of Nea Figalia means there is a market for services. Hence, Faskomilia has more than its fair share of olive oil presses and the only petrol station on the road from the sea to Ancient Phigaleia. These industries operate under the watchful eye of pensioners who look after each other.
     Greece has only 200 care homes most of which have empty beds as families move their elderly relatives into their homes to make use of their pensions.

FaskomiliaSurvey the village from afar
Petrol stationFill up with petrol
Olive pressLook out for olive presses
Old womenMeet the women in black
Faskomilia View from Nea Figalia

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