VILLAGESChapel of Saint Paraskevi
If you approach Ancient Phigaleia from Andritsaina you will pass a sign to Dragogi. Perched on a mountainside, it is home to agricultural workers who use motorcycles and 4x4s to herd their sheep. Tourists are rare as the road serving local archaeological sites bypasses the village. There is a caféneon and a church but, for the wow factor, you need to descend down the mountain.
     Here, you will find a stone bridge that once carried ancient travellers over fast flowing water and a chapel shaded by an enormous plane tree. Its an idyllic spot where you can imagine a mythical river nymph seeking sanctuary.

RoundaboutAdmire the church
Circular water featureCheck out the caféneon
Village pathDescend down the mountain
Village viewLook up at the village
Ancient bridgeDiscover an ancient bridge
Chapel of Saint ParaskeviVisit a restored old chapel
View Dragogi

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