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To the east of Kopanki is Dorio. It has a roundabout, a bank and a school so could be considered a town but thanks to livestock in its midst feels more like a village. You will notice cows which seem incongruous but as you explore the surrounding area the more cattle you will see grazing in the olive groves.
     Dorio, which was mentioned in Homer's Iliad as the location of a music competition between Thamyris and the Muses, once had money to spend. There are inventive, but essentially useless, public amenities: for example, a fountain surrounded by colonnades that has been neglected since the financial crisis.

RoundaboutStop by the roundabout and choose a taverna
Circular water featureDiscover the fountain surrounded by colonnades
Military memorialRespect a proud history
Old village houseSpot classic Hellenic backdrops
Tractor outside bank... and more modern Greek scenes
Cow grazing Dorio

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