VILLAGESChurch of the Panagia
At an altitude of 668 metres above sea level, Dimandra heads up a pass leading north from Diavolitsi towards the Neda river valley and the small villages on its flanks. What you can see of the village from the main road, an orange house and a church, is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of Dimanda's dwellings are perched on top of a hill to the west of the road.
     Take the narrow track next to a lovingly tended vineyard up behind the church, past the walls that once protected a hill top garrison. Beyond this point, you will find well kept old houses and vegetable gardens.

Orange houseMuse at the orange house with red window trims
VineyardAdmire the vineyard
Road to the old garrisonWander up the road behind the church
VillagerMeet the villagers
View of the old garrison Dimandra

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