VILLAGESChurch of the Panagia
Once upon a time it was possible to reach Desillas by train from the small town of Diavolitsi and to continue east on a scenic mountain track all the way to Tripoli. Today the only access to the village is by road.
     Assuming that you approach from the south, you will pass traditional houses and modern villas as you climb ever higher up the mountain. If you blink, you will miss the smart village square overlooking the church and the plain below. The old station on the outskirts is a more obvious landmark, and even if you are not a railway enthusiast, you can still imagine the scenic route of the old track.

Village squareSit in the square overlooking the church
Hillside housesLook up at houses perched on the hillside
Old railway stationStop off at the old railway station
Railway trackContemplate a train journey
Approach from the south Desillas

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