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Dasochori is a small hamlet on a hillside two kilometres from the famous Chapel of Saint Theodora. It is reached from Karnasi via an impressive road through a forest of oaks and maple trees - hence its name which means forest village.
     The first thing on show is the caféneon which has its own basketball court. Basketball has a long history in Greece, having first come to the country in 1910, and a favourite pass time for fans is to gather in cafés to watch televised games.
     On the northern side of the village is a picnic area with a fountain. It is a cool place to sit and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Village viewShoot a few baskets by the caféneon
Beer storageLook forward to a cold beer
FountainDrink spring water if the café is shut
Picnic areaPicnic overlooking the village
Village house Dasochori

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