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The location of Andania, the major city on the plain of Stenyclarus in ancient times, is lost. Also largely forgotten are the Andania mysteries, rituals performed by a cult honouring the goddess Demeter and her daughter Kore (Persephone). A stone inscribed with the rules of the mysteries can be found in Konstantini.
     However, the modern day village that shares its name is just north of the E55, a straight road off the Kalamata-to-Corinth Moreas motorway (E65) that leads to the coast. Surrounded by olive groves and potato farms, Andania is immersed in agriculture and everywhere you look you will see farm vehicles and gardens.

Village centreStart your exploration at the heart of the village
Flower gardenFind gardens full of flowers
Vegetable garden... and others growing food
Drive leading to garageSquint into people's garages
Agricultural vehicleWatch out for agricultural vehicles
Garden Andania

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