Ampeliona is the local village you are most likely to find online - it is the birthplace of the famous Greek director, Theo Angelopoulos and the location of a 4 star hotel! As a result, the main square, the springs (Big Spring/Tritseli) and old stone buildings have been gentrified and there is crazy paving everywhere.
     At an altitude of 830 metres, the village is surrounded by a chestnut forest, and each year in late October a "chestnut festival" takes place. This is to give thanks for the harvest and is an excuse for a feast of chestnuts and tsipouro; olives, feta and salad; bean soup and roasted pig - followed by circle dancing.

Taking in the viewTake in the views
Chestnut festivalAttend the chestnut festival
TsipouroDrink tsipouro
Pig's headEat roast pig
Circle dancingLearn to circle dance
Shop / tavernaVisit the shop / taverna
Chestnut festival Ampeliona

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