VILLAGESChurch of Saint George
On the northern outskirts of the market town of Kopanaki is Ag.Georgios where you are just as likely to meet an agricultural vehicle as a car. It has two tavernas: one prominently located opposite its main junction; the other hidden by the trees shading the plateia ('village square').
     Among the trees is a stretch of palms edging a waterway. Loved by ducks and villagers alike, the waterway channels spring water into a pool - essentially a distribution point for irrigating nearby fields that also feeds the fountain. Watch and you will see farmers filling up water tanks on the back of their pickups.

TractorWatch out for tractors
Roadside tavernaDine in the roadside taverna
Alternative eaterySeek out an alternative eatery
Trees edging the waterwayDiscover the square behind the trees
Ag. Georgios
Waterway Ag. Georgios
ag. georgios

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