TOWNSChurch of Saint Nicholas
Megalopolis is a 'big town' with a growing population. It is situated in a wide valley rich in lignite (brown coal) that has been mined since the early 1970s to fuel two power plants to the north west of the town. Belching steam, these form a bizarre back drop to the ruins of an ancient city with the same name.
     Life in modern day Megalopolis evolves around the plateia ('town square') which is lined with cafés, restaurants, shops, banks and hotels. It also boasts all the public services (including an innovative recycling scheme) that you would expect to find in a regional town.

Town squareFind the plateia ('town square')
Old housesShed a tear for the old houses
Council officesAdmire the pink council offices
Main squareHang out in the main square
Funky caféChoose a funky café
English cornerSpot a corner that is forever England
Power stations Megalopolis

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