TOWNSChurch of the Panagia
Pilgrims en route to the Chapel of Saint Theodora often pass through the small town of Diavolitsi. Its main street is a mix of abandoned stores with once elegant façades and modern shops including a supermarket using an old set of scales!
     To the south of this thoroughfare is a single track railway line that used to bring freight and passengers to the town's railway station. Now converted into a café, this borders Diavolitsi's main square, a stomping ground for students from the nearby secondary school. Hang out with them or find some shade outside one of many eateries catering for tourists as well as locals.

Main streetDo some 'window shopping' along a once-busy thoroughfare
Old scalesWeigh up what is on offer
Pavement caféChoose a shady place for a snack
Railway lineLocate the old railway line
Diavolitsi Railway station café

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