TOWNSNikolopoulos Library
Andritsaina is built on a hillside, northwest of Mount Lykaion. It is known for its cobblestone lanes and historic stone mansions, one of which has been converted into a folklore museum. It also has a Friday morning market and a famous library that houses one of the richest book collections in Greece. A donation by Agathofron Nikolopoulos, it includes documents relating to the 1821 War of Independence in which the town played an important role.
     Other things of interest are the springs: one flows from the trunk of a platanos tree; another from the Trani Vrysi, the oldest fountain on the Peleponnese.

Folklore museumVisit the folklore museum
Tree trunk springWander around the cobblestone lanes
Cobblestone lanesDrink from the trunk of a tree
Trani VrysiAdmire the Trani Vrysi
Trani Vrysi placardLearn the Greek for 'old fountain'
Main square Andritsaina

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