1.5 hours
This walk around the eastern side of Ancient Phigaleia follows a path still used by local shepherds taking their flocks to pasture. It has no ultimate destination and there are no archaeological sites or churches to visit.
     Nonetheless, it is an exhilarating experience that can only be gained through the primeval act of walking in the tracks of goats and, if you are lucky, you might spot some more intriguing animals like a tortoise crawling out from hibernation or a blue-brown crab sunning itself on a stone.

ShrinePay your respects at a shrine
Colourful viewDelight in the colours
StonesRest on the stones
Land crabShake hands with a land crab
TortoiseLook out for tortoises
Mountain poolCool off in a mountain pool
Goat path walk
Ancient Phigaleia Goat path
goat path

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