0.5 hour along the top of the ancient wall

  • The ancient path up the hill to the north of Ancient Phigaleia leads to the stone fortifications that once surrounded the ancient city.
  • Here, the path crosses a low section of wall, but if you take a detour along the top of the wall to the south, you will come to a "postern" ('side door') gate.
  • Take care on the wall. It is 2 metres wide but there are occasional bushes to avoid. It is also high with an overgrown, hidden drop on the eastern side.
  • After about 25 metres you will see the remains of a look out tower.
  • Continue for about the same distance and you will come to another tower. Before it is a postern gate distinguishable by its "corbelled" ('stepped') arch.
  • Climb down to get a closer look but you cannot walk through the gate as earth has built up behind it.
  • Most publications say there is only one postern gate but, if you backtrack along the wall to where the path intersects it and head north, you will come to another lookout tower and a second gate that you can pass through.
  • When you have finished exploring the gate, retrace your steps back along the wall to rejoin the path that traverses it.
ĆAncient pathvNote where the path crosses the wall
Ancient wallTake a detour or two along the wall
Northern postern gateWalk to and through the northern "postern" gate
Southern postern gate
Ancient Phigaleia Southern postern gate
postern gates

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