2 hours
There are two key routes to the Aspro Nero ('white water') fall that drops off the cliff below Ancient Phigaleia. Both wind their way down the hillside: one a road through Kato Rouga ('lower village'); the other a path used by shepherds.
     The routes converge in a steep zig-zag path down the side of the Neda gorge. Sadly, this path is overgrown and in need of some maintenance. Wooden hand rails have rotted whilst the viewing platform looks a bit precarious. It is, however, supported by a metal structure but do take care.

Aspro Nero waterfallLook up at the waterfall
Centuries old olive treesGasp at centuries old olive trees
Zig-zag pathFollow the steep zig-zag path
Centuries old olive treeyTake care on the wooden platform
Aspro nero walk
Ancient Phigaleia Path to the waterfall
aspro nero

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