2 - 3 hours walk to the arched stone bridge through a sunless gorge

  • This route to the Neda waterfalls is not for the faint hearted as it follows the Neda river through a sunless gorge lined with outsized white rocks. It is only possible in late summer / early autumn when the weather is at its driest and there is less water in the river. At the deepest part of the gorge, walking through the water is mandatory and in some places it is necessary to swim.
  • Starting from The Ark, you will descend down the mountainside on a shepherds' pathu lined by centuries old olive trees and giant prickly pear cactuses to the Neda riverv. See Aspro Nero walk
  • From here you will follow the riverw on its journey to the Ionian Sea.
  • Along the way there are spots of breathtaking beauty such as rocks corroded by water draining from the wood above into surreal forms and stalagmites intertwined with tree roots and plants.
  • You will emerge from the gorge into a sunnier area where mossy banks are surrounded by oak and wild fig trees and little streams flow melodiously into the river. A little further on is the arched stone bridgex.
Sunless gorgeWalk through a sunless gorge
Testing the waterTest the depth of the water
Getting wetBe prepared to get wet
Camouflaged reptilesLook out for camouflaged reptiles
Neda gorge
Neda river Gorge
neda gorge

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