ARCHAEOLOGYNeda waterfalls walk Heracles' well walk
On the steep slopes around Ancient Phigaleia you will glimpse the remains of the defensive walls that once ran for 4.5 kilometres around the ancient city. These are extensive, particularly on the eastern side where an almost continuous stretch of wall with alternating round and square lookout towers and two "postern gates" ('side doors'), still flank the edge of the northern plateau.
     Built in a variety of styles, the walls also incorporate several other novel technical features including, on the western side, a "proteichismata" ('wall in front of the main wall') and, to the north, "hypoteichismatas" ('small spur walls').

West wallsFollow the walls west towards the Neda waterfalls
MapContemplate the expanse of the ancient city
Back door to the citySpy the 'backdoor to the city' from the east
Defensive walls
Ancient Phigaleia
defensive walls

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