ARCHAEOLOGYNeda waterfalls walk
When Ancient Phigaleia was ruled by Phigalos it had a large population so it is not surprising that tombs have been found in the modern day village. Undoubtably, more are still to reveal their treasures.
     The most impressive finds were discovered in seven tombs below the main road into the village from Perivola. These tombs are now covered by crazy paving but the tombs on the path west to the Neda waterfalls are very visible and very monumental. Built during the 3rd century BC, they have temple-shaped façades behind which the funerary chambers are carved into the natural rock.

Tombs under the roadImagine the tombs under the road
TombsPeer into the tombs
Funerary chambersSee funerary chambers carved into the natural rock
Ancient Phigaleia Tombs

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