ARCHAEOLOGYAthena Temple walk
On the western edge of Ancient Phigaleia at Kourdoubouli is a temple dedicated to Athena and Zeus the Saviour. No longer a religious centre, the temple has what looks like an altar - more probably, a plinth for a missing statue.
     Beneath the temple is a chasm in the rock that could be a clue as to why the temple was built in this position. When ancient Greeks had to make decisions they consulted the Pythia, a woman appointed to sit over a cleft and give prophecies. She derived her power from the place and was a mouthpiece for Apollo, the god of revelation who possessed her for the duration of her oracles.

Temple of AthenaEnter the temple
Ancient stonesExamine the stones
Underground chasmPeek into the underground chasm
Statue plinthVisualise a statue
Temple of Athena
Temple of Athena Ancient Phigaleia

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