WATERFALLSNeda waterfalls walk
To the west of Ancient Phigaleia below Stomio is a wooded plateau dominated by two spectacular waterfalls. The first is a small fall that empties into a crystal blue plunge pool. Hidden around the next corner is a second pool and, arguably, more impressive waterfall surrounded by romantically misshapen trees.
     If you want to bathe, the first plunge pool is fun for dive bombers whilst a dip in the icy waters behind the big waterfall is a unique pleasure.
     Alternatively, you can just sit and soak up the atmosphere or, if you are feeling bold, seek out the Chapel of the Panagista and the hermit's cave!

Plunge poolSit by the crystal blue plunge pool
Jumping into the waterJump into the freezing water
Swimming behind a waterfallSwim behind a waterfall
Chapel of the PanagistaSeek out the chapel
Hermit's caveVisit the hermit's cave
Neda waterfalls
Second hidden waterfall Ancient Phigaleia

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