WATERFALLSAspro Nero walk
The "white waters" ('Aspro Nero') is a single waterfall upstream from the famous Neda waterfalls. It drops for 60 metres into the Neda river and can be seen from the road to Kopanaki on the southern flank of the Neda gorge.
     The waterfall can also be viewed from a purpose-built wooden platform on the hillside below Ancient Phigaleia. This is reached via a tricky zig-zag path down the hill which, in hot weather, can be taxing on the way back up.
     The overgrown lagoon at the base of the waterfall is lit by sunlight penetrating the trees and is very atmospheric.

Aspro NeroAdmire the waterfall
Base of the waterfallSoak up the atmosphere
Person in foliageLoose yourself in foliage
Neda riverPicnic by the Neda river
Aspro Nero
Aspro Nero Ancient Phigaleia
aspro nero

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