NEDA RIVERNeda waterfalls walk
Below Stomio, in a wooded valley at the bottom of the Neda gorge, is the single-arch bridge of Jouloucha. It links two neighbouring prefectures: Messinia and Elia and is the springboard to the famous Neda waterfalls.
     The bridge can only be crossed on foot although it can be reached by car via a partially concreted road from Ancient Phigaleia (turning at the base can be tricky) and a steep, dirt track from Platania that leads to a shaded parking area. Nearby is a mill that once made use of the power of the water.
     It is the perfect spot for a picnic and paradise for anyone wishing to swim.

Stomio bridgeWalk across the bridge
Picnic below the bridgeEnjoy a picnic on the stones
Sit by the riverChill out by the river
Stomio bridge
Stomio bridge Neda river

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