The Neda river flows under the busy coastal road (Greek National road 9) to reach the Ionian Sea just south of Giannitsochori. The next upstream road crossing is below Ancient Phigaleia where a tributary from the south flows into the river creating some mini-rapids.
     To the east of these rapids is a river-side walk with unfolding scenery that takes some beating. Where else could you find such a mix of flora (trees, reeds, coarse grasses and wildflowers); fauna (birds, dragonflies, freshwater fish, river crabs and water snakes) and, of course, water?

Mini-rapidsWatch the mini-rapids
River walkWalk east to the river
FaunaDelight in the fauna
Floraand flora
RiverbankEnjoy the riverbank
Ancient Phigaleia bridge
Neda river Ancient Phigaleia bridge
ancient phigaleia

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