East of Ancient Phigaleia, near the village of Mavromati, are two crossings over the Neda river. The most easterly is a road bridge linking Kouvelas to Dragogi. Before this, there is a sign (in Greek) to a ruined bridge that is only passable on foot, although you can get close by car or motorbike.
     Park up by the open wooded area where you will see a large tree impregnated with rusty metal hooks and whittled sticks which are used for hanging and skinning animals - most likely wild boar. From the shade of the wood, a path leads to the single-arched stone bridge and the river.

Wooded areaPark up and picnic
'Contraptions' in a treeInspect the 'contraptions' in the tree
Top of the bridgeWalk across the bridge
Mavromati bridge
Neda river Mavromati bridge

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