Upstream from Ancient Phigaleia at Kakaletri there is a road bridge linking villages either side of the Neda river. Hidden below it is a much older bridge which is characteristically Turkish because of its Islamic sharp headed arch.
     Steps adjacent to the road bridge lead to one of the quieter stretches of the Neda river - before it crashes through a gorge. Shaded from the sun, you will experience untouched natural beauty and have little chance of getting lost if you decide to go for a walk. But remember, you can still fall prey to wild life and many of the overhanging plants can be bothersome!

Modern day road bridgePark by the modern day road bridge
Steps down to the riverLocate the steps down to the river
Hidden Turkish bridgeDiscover a hidden Turkish bridge
Rocks in the riverClamber over the rocks
Kakeletri bridge
Kakaletri bridge Neda river

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