The trees that cloak the mountains include white poplars, age-old plane trees, enormous oaks, wild figs, laurels, wild woodbines, willow, chestnut, walnut, spearheaded cypresses, pine, fir and, of course, olive trees. Beautifully manicured groves are everywhere, although centuries-old trees are rarer.
     Whereas the olive has always been the most important horticulture tree, the oak dominated the ancient landscape. In fact the ancient Greek word for oak, 'drys', was also the word for tree and it is probable that the pre-agrarian tribes of Arcadia lived on a staple diet of edible acorns.

Plane treePlane trees
Judas treeJudas trees
Pine treesPine trees
Chestnut treesChestnut trees
Animal holeCypresses
Walnut treesWalnut trees
Olive treesCenturies old olive trees
Ancient Phigaleia Trees

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