Recreational lawns around houses are a rarity in Greece, as are bowling greens and golf courses. This is hardly surprising given the hyper-arid, drought-prone climate but it does not mean that the ground is barren. Far from it, the winter rains and summer sun allow coarse grasses and weeds to flourish.
     Although detrimental to patios, these fast growing plants have their own beauty and help to characterise the landscape. That said some plants are very invasive, and you will see (and hear) workers in the olive groves cleaning the land beneath the trees in preparation for the olive harvest.

Giant papyrusGiant papyrus
Mares or horsetailMares or horsetail
Rye grassesRye grasses
Coarse grassesCoarse grasses
Olive grove cleaningWatch the cleaning of the olive groves
Aloe veraAloe vera amongst the sea spurge
Beach grassesBeach grasses
Sea hollySea holly
Giant papyrus Tholo

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