Greece has one of the richest diversity of reptiles and amphibians in Europe and the Peloponnese is no exception. Here, snakes are a fact of life. They should be both avoided and admired for their beautiful markings. Less threatening are two endemic lizards - the Greek rock lizard (think spots) and the Peloponnese wall lizard (think stripes). Frogs and toads are also common.
     But nothing quite lives up to sight of a tortoise waking up and crawling out from hibernation or a turtle emerging from the sea onto the 40 kilometre sandy beach stretching from the Katakolo Cape to the Kyparissian Gulf.

ViperAvoid Europe's most poisonous viper
Camouflaged frogCamouflaged frogs
Conspicuous frogConspicuous frogs
LizardPretty lizards
ToadBig ugly toads
Snake in a holeNever put your hand in a hole!
Skliro Tortoise

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