Most of the mammals you are likely to see - sheep and goats - are kept for their milk and meat. Or, like donkeys and dogs, are working animals. There are few domestic pets - even cats must earn their keep dealing with rodents and snakes.
     You are less likely to glimpse the mixture of species from Europe, Asia and Africa sheltering in the undergrowth. Although hard to spot, badgers, bats, deer, foxes, hares, rabbits, squirrels, wild cats and wolves are your neighbours and evidence of their presence is everywhere. For example, dug up roots are a sign of wild boar and you might see hunters bringing home a kill.

GoatsListen to the goats
Hunting dogHear the barking hounds!
Cats feedingFeed the cats
DonkeysWatch the donkeys work
Animal holeLook for signs of life
Dead wild boarContemplate the death of a boar
Andritsaina Bat in a cave

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