Insects, most notably mosquitos, bite, sting and spread diseases but not all deserve a squirt of poison. For example, the swarms of green and orange butterflies or the giant peacock, Europe's largest moth. Not so nice are the caterpillars of the pine processionary moth that march to their pupating area in nose-to-tail columns, protected by severely irritating hairs.
     The mild climate permits insect activity throughout the year and you will almost certainly hear the persistent chirping song of male crickets. You are also likely to see locusts, grasshoppers and the odd praying mantis.

LocustSun yourself with a locust
Flyor lesser fly
GrasshopperHop with the grasshoppers
Praying mantisPray with a mantis
BeetleGlow like a beetle
ScorpionsBeware of the scorpions
Ancient Phigaleia Giant peacock moth

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