Greece is home to an impressive number of birds including residents that stay all year round, migrants who pass through with the seasons to wintering birds escaping colder conditions up north.
     While many species are relatively common - house martins, finches, starlings, wagtails and robins - it is always a thrill to stumble upon a rare bird like a golden eagle. These can be seen soaring on the rising air above the Neda gorge whilst fowl - notably chickens but also ducks, turkeys and geese - enjoy a free range existence scrubbing around on the ground.

House martinsWatch the comings and goings of house martins
Golden eagleGolden eagles
PeacocksWatch peacocks strutting about
Barn owlSpot barn owls hidding in ruins
ScorpionsLook out for camouflaged finches
Taxiarches Geese

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