Two well-known tholos tombs sit on an airy ridge above Psari, a pretty village on the northern border of the Soulima Valley. One hundred metres apart, the tombs can be reached via a dirt track from the roadside Church of Ayia Anna.
     The tombs were discovered in the early 1980s when robbers disrupted the excavation of Tomb I, furthest along the track. Maybe they stole treasures but this is unlikely since archaeologists only found charcoal, pottery, flint and bones. And recently, when digging out Tomb II, they did not discover anything else. Protected by a fence, this tomb (unlike Tomb I) still has its cap stone in place.

Track to the tombsFollow the track to the tombs
Tholos II before excavationImagine Tholos II before excavation
Tholos II after excavationVisualise Tholos II after excavation
Tholos INote that Tholos I is missing its cap stone
Psari tholos
Psari Tholos II

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