Near the acropolis at Malthi there are two very well preserved Mycenaean tholos tombs. One, dating from 1380 -1200 BC, is covered by a wooden shelter erected in 1999. It has an 13.5 metre walled "road" ('dromos') leading to an imposing entrance with a relieving triangle above the lintel. This alleviates the weight of the corbelled vaulting (in which each successive layer of stones is projected slightly beyond the course below) of the domed roof.
     Inside the tomb is a chamber 6.85 metres in diameter and 5.8 metres high. Plundered in antiquity, it was excavated in 1926 by Valmin, a Swedish scholar.

Tholos entranceAdmire the entrance
Tholos tombImagine entering the tholos
Beehive dome... and looking up at the beehive dome
Malthi tholos
Malthi Tholos I

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